Weekly Training Recap: 3-27-17

Last week was a big week in terms of life. Bad week in terms of my running. I only got in 2 runs all week and one of which was my 38th half marathon, Just a Short Run. There was a lot to get used to with my new work schedule and I think I had something on my calendar almost every night this week. It certainly was not a normal week with my schedule. Still lots to get used to with no longer working downtown and adjusting to the time of my runs, etc.

For example, before I would normally be able to start my runs by around 5pm. My one week night run I did this week, I didn’t start until 6:11pm. I was done close to 7pm and from there it was just a quick shower, heat up some leftovers and call it a night basically. On that particular night, temps were getting into the 60s so I took advantage of shorts and a tank. While I was out on my run though I saw plenty of runners in long sleeves or pants and even some with winter accessories like hats/gloves. Not me! I was taking advantage of that warmer spring weather.

Loving that spring is finally here!

Last week:

Monday: Started the New Job!!!
Tuesday: 4 miles, 42:22, 10:36/mile
Wednesday: Our Clubhouse Benefit Happy Hour
Thursday: Nothing
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Just a Short Run Half Marathon, 2:36:40
Sunday: Rest

Total Miles: 17.1 miles

On Wednesday, I had my benefit happy hour for Our Clubhouse at Franktuary in Lawrenceville. It was a good turnout, but I certainly had hoped for more friends to come out, but I got the minimum goal I was looking for in the fundraising. I think the raffle prizes I had were a pretty big hit and that brought in a lot of money for me. Franktuary was amazing to work with and helped promote the event as well. I certainly recommend teaming up with them if you’re trying to fundraise for anything.

Thank you to EVERYONE for donating the raffle prizes for the happy hour!

The main miles as I mentioned came from Saturday’s half marathon. This race was not on my calendar but since the MS Blues half was cancelled I had to pick up a half somewhere to still ensure that Pittsburgh would be my 40th. I had looked at so many other races, but it just made sense to do this one since it’s just 20 minutes away. However, I didn’t necessarily like the decision. I really hate running North Park and I also really just hate this race. I’m honestly not sure what is about this particular race, but it’s never been a good one! Well, that streak continued with this one. Thank goodness I had Lauren there with me every step of the way. Even if it was a horrible race, it was another finish and one step closer to #40 in just a few weeks.

Running with friends makes a horrible race so much better!